Virtual Police
4000 Haslet-Roanoke Road, Suite 11
Roanoke, Texas 76262
(800) 655-8279

Virtual Police does access control and security camera integration.  Tying into LDAP and Active Directories specializing in large corporations and industrial applications. We enable companies to better manage their security systems and give them the tools to be able to do many custom functions at the corporate level.  Customers are able to make changes at the corporate level and push them down to all of the remote locations of their business.  They are also able to see all of the reporting of each of the sites on their screens at a corporate level or at the local business level.  We allow each customer to custom create the way they want the system to operate for their particular business.

Virtual Police is a preferred vendor for one of the world's largest wireless communications and telecommunications providers.
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The key advantages of our system at a glance:: Maximum Reliability Over 300,000 of these systems are in use successfully in over 50 countries around the world. These cameras operate without any problems around the clock. Everything from a single source We offer both the cameras and tailored video management software Low systems costs High-resolution images deliver more detail. Thus, fewer cameras are needed overall. For example, one camera can be used to monitor two teller areas at the same time. Lowest installation costs The cameras are connected to a computer network using inexpensive standard IT components (just like connecting a printer). Lowest operating costs With the cameras and has no license costs or other expenses. Each camera consumes just 3 to 4 watts, which means very low power consumption. Lowest maintenance costs Robust housings reinforced with fiberglass, hidden cabling and no moving parts ensure that our cameras have a long life without maintenance expense. Hi-res video innovations MOBOTIX is a pioneer in the delivery of digital, IP-based video surveillance and is one of the fastest- growing companies in the security industry. All the company's products are made at the headquarters in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Since MOBOTIX is internationally oriented, it exports a high percentage of the systems it manufactures. The latest hi-res video technology Virtual Police offers MOBOTIX high-resolution complete video systems featuring technology that is unique worldwide: an intelligent, decentralized system structure in which data can be processed and stored in the cameras themselves and not on central recording equipment. Digital mass storage devices such as SD cards now make it possible to store 16 gigabytes of data directly in the camera. This is an outstanding method of long-term recording in day-to-day banking business and it means that MOBOTIX systems can get by with far fewer cameras and system components than analog or other IP-based systems Moving into the future with high resolution The trend is toward smart, high-resolution systems with integrated memory cards. This means that • surveillance requires far fewer cameras, resulting in more discreet, less expensive installations • network data traffic is reduced • recording equipment such as external digital video recorders (DVRs) and personal computers (PCs) no longer need to be maintained • system costs are therefore cut down

Virtual Police is an official partner with MOBOTIX and works directly with this manufacturer to bring these world class products to customers located in North America.

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